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Here are frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please email fcsm@copafs.org.

This page will be frequently updated.

What are the deadlines for submissions?

What are the deadlines for submissions?

  • Submissions will need to be submitted by September 20th.

What is the difference between a policy paper and research paper?

  • Policy Submissions: Abstracts should discuss a statistical policy topic relevant to federal statistics. Submissions can discuss the implications or impacts or the Evidence Act observed thus far, and may raise questions or issues without having a definitive answer.

  • Research Submissions: Abstracts should present research studies and findings relevant to federal statistics, potential topics are listed on the call for papers. Submissions should not simply describe a data collection program, or be highly specialized.

What is an organized session?

  • An organized session submission should include 3 or 5 papers, a discussant and a chair. Organized sessions with both research and policy presentations will be given priority when the program is assembled.

What are organizer/chair responsibilities?

  • The organizer/chair is responsible for ensuring that presentations are submitted on time, introducing each presenter at the session, timing the presentation to ensure the speaker does not go over their allotted time, and moderating the open floor discussion.

What are discussant responsibilities?

  • The discussant will review the papers or presentations before the conference and pull out the higher level theme or contribution to the field that the papers make collectively and highlight some strengths and weaknesses within each one using your knowledge of the field and topic area (if applicable). A good discussant presentation helps the audience make sense of the papers and gets the discussion started for the open floor question and answer time. 

When will I hear if my submission has been accepted?

  • Organizers will contact submitters via email by November 1.

Do I have to submit a paper?

  • Presenters have the opportunity for their work to be included in the conference proceedings on the FCSM website by submitting a paper. Submission instructions will be distributed after the conference

What are the deadlines for registration?

  • Attendees must register by April 15th.

What are the registration fees?

  • Early Bird Registration is from December 6th to March 16th for $250. Regular Registration is $325.

updated 7/22/2019