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The 2020 FCSM Research and Policy Conference will focus on the Federal Statistical System’s role in helping agencies and the public meet the demands of evidence-based policymaking. The conference provides a forum for experts and practitioners from around the world to discuss and exchange current methodological knowledge and policy insights about topics of current and critical importance to the Federal Statistical System.

We seek organized sessions that address the following topics from a research and/or policy perspective. An organized session submission should include 3 to 5 papers, a discussant and a chair. Organized sessions with both research and policy presentations will be given priority when the program is assembled.

  1. Implications of the Foundations for Evidenced-Based Policymaking Act of 2018, including approaches to interagency data sharing, and encouraging program evaluators and analysts to use statistical data in their evidence building

  2. Data quality, including evaluating or communicating the quality of administrative or blended data

  3. Data access, open data, disclosure avoidance, or disclosure risk mitigation

  4. Advances in survey and statistical methodology on a variety of topics of importance to the Federal Statistical System such as:

  • Survey design and data collection

  • Estimation and analysis methods

  • Measurement issues

  • Geospatial statistics

  • Economic measurement concepts, techniques

  • Statistical literacy and communication of results

  • Use of multiple data sources, including linkage and coverage

Policy Submissions: Sessions should discuss a statistical policy topic listed above from the authors’ or agencies’ perspective. Submissions can discuss the implications or impacts observed thus far, and may raise questions or issues without having a definitive answer.

Research Submissions: Sessions should present research studies and findings related to the topics listed above. Submissions should not simply describe a data collection program or be highly specialized.

Policy and Research Sessions: Sessions that address a topic from both a policy and research perspective are encouraged. These sessions will be given priority when the program is assembled.

To submit an individual abstract, please see our Submit an Abstract page.